• Prof. Rick Chandler

    IFA Networker
    UK Country Partner
    Distributors of Phone Accessories. MVNO's Operators, Online retail etc. sources of damaged phones for refurb Mobile Phone cases, Power Banks, Cable Winders Factory re-conditioned iPhone, Samsung and others by request. Also interested in sources of damaged phones for recycling.
  • Andreas Muchow

    IFA Networker von App-Sec-Network UG
    App-Sec-Network UG
    Wir suchen strategische Kooperationen / Lizenznehmer / Investoren und sind an einem persönlichen Austausch interessiert. Zu unseren bestehenden Notrufsystemen bieten wir ein erteiltes europäisches Patent, dass speziell in den oben genannten Bereichen für eine Alleinstellung eingesetzt werden kann.
  • Global Sales Manager/Co-Owner Claus Møller Pødenphant

    IFA Networker von Frameo
    Global Sales Manager/Co-Owner
    Manufacturers and brandholder / Smartphone app With the Frameo App you can easily capture and share your best moments with your loved ones. Take a photo, select who you want to send it to, add a fitting caption and send. It's that simple! Social photoframe \ With a Frameo Social Photoframe you are ready to recieve photos from your friends and family. Simply add the people you wish to recieve photos from and sit back and enjoy their moments!
  • Prit Patel

    IFA Networker
  • Graeme Smith

    IFA Networker von BioChef/ Vitality 4 Life
    Global Sales Manager
  • Marcus Vertun

    IFA Networker
    Director of Purchasing
  • Managing Director Jim Williams

    IFA Networker von G-Hold
    Managing Director
    Looking to meet with potential new partners for the G-Hold range of products. G-Hold has seen incredible growth the past year and I want to meet with any partners who want to discuss the opportunity to work with us moving forward