• Copra Hydra

    Produkt von Copra Sound
    Copra Hydra is a sound system based on unique properties of coconut shells and polymer concrete. The sounds are different by their nature, thus, the system elements should be adjusted accordingly. Dynamic acoustics – create your own flow of sound within the premises, preserving a highly precise academic sound. Coconut shell is just amazing as it is quite robust and lightweight. Millions of years of evolution have done the trick. We are the pioneers who did appreciate it.
  • Copra Sound

    Copra is Ukrainian hi-end acoustic brand. 13+ years of experience, 20+ patents around the world, 2 unique products. We produce ionic sound systems and sound systems based on unique properties of coconut shells and polymer concrete. These technologies are turning upside down the world of hi-end acoustic. Visit our stand and make sure - hall 26, stand 221.
  • Alex Qi

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    Distribution partners, Internet service providers Smart home devices, mesh Wi-Fi, indoor positioning systems
  • Waveion

    Produkt von Copra Sound
    Waveion it's an ionic acoustic system. Waveion's technology solves the issue of sound distortion in modern speaker technology such as: Breaking the boundaries of the physical speaker box, which is where sound interacts—and interferes—with itself. The weight of the membrane and the strength of its suspension, or attachment, inside the speaker, which causes delays and dulling of sound reproduction. The ultimate rigidity of the membrane in the speaker: bending its shape causes sound dis…
  • Max Zubenko

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    Head of Marketing & Sales`
    Direktor, Marketing und Kommunikation, Vertrieb/Sales
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