• Evelatus SIA

  • Tail it

    Our mini GPS tracker is the smallest of all our GPS trackers. Its so small it can be hidden almost anywhere. With global range and more than 2 weeks battery time on a single charge, it will give you its location within seconds. Our mini gps tracker comes with both waterproof USB charger and QI wireless charging. Its made of quality components and connects to our multi lingual and free mobile tracker APP, Tail it.
  • Tail it +

    Tail it + Tail it+ is a GPS tracker with long battery time. A super thin GPS tracker with 8 weeks battery life on every charge. The tracker is only 0.35inches thick (9mm) and is no bigger than a Visa-card, meaning you can hide it almost anywhere. Charge the GPS tracker with QI wireless charger or by USB-C charging.
  • Tail it Bike

    Tail it Bike Tail it Bike – GPS tracker for bike is specially made for all types of bikes. The GPS tracker for bike is hidden in the steering and has a flexible design to fit all types of handlebars for bikes. Our GPS tracker for bike is also waterproof, has a full 8-week battery life and is charged with USB charging without having to take it out of the handlebar.
  • Tail it Kids

    Tail it kids Our GPS tracker for kids is a mobile phone which looks just like a regular smartwatch for kids. This smartwatch will not be put aside, since its always on the kids arm. You call it like you would call any phone and the watch will answer automatically after 3 rings. It shows the location of the tracker with the highest accuracy world-wide, so you will never wonder where your kid is again.
  • Tail it Pet

    Tail it Pet Imagine if you did not know the location of your pet, but you had a pet tracker. Imagine then that you have a map on your phone where the current location of your pet is visible. Tail it Pet tracker is one of the smallest pet-trackers in the world. It weight only 22g and fits even the smallest cats and dogs. Our Pet-tracker is super easy to use. Just download our APP and take a picture of the device, then you’ll see its location on the map.