• Auto Toothbrush COOLSSHA

    Produkt von Cool Ssha Co., Ltd.
    IFA 2018
    COOLSSHA automatic toothbrush. Our toothbrushes are proud of the internationally patented, multi-directional brushing technique that materializes in the most ideal manner the method of horizontally reciprocating motion and brushing-down movement recommended by dental professionals. As there are concerns that the lack of attention to clean oral care poses a threat to human life in the age of centenarians, the company has successfully launched its patented products designed to brush teeth with the…
  • SungUn Chang

    IFA Networker von YOLK
  • Cool Ssha Co., Ltd.

    Korea, Republik
    IFA 2018
    COOLSSHA automatic toothbrush is another name for Noksibcho Group, which has specialized in the development and production of health foods, cosmetics, medical products and medical corporation-medical care hospital aimed for a healthy world over the last 30 years. Based on the accumulated knowhow through the development of quality products in the course of export of them to as many as 20 countries, the company has paid attention to one of its findings that the health of teeth plays a great role i…
  • Chief Executive Director Jongkap Kim

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    Chief Executive Director
    Innovative technology driven Global companies which is looking for disruptive young technology start-up.
  • Josephine Oh

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    Managing Director
    AMADAS is currently looking for great business partners to successfully launch its products in the world. AMADAS can enter a business partnership for sales & ODM with various industries including Telco, builders, IT solutions, security & monitoring service providers, etc.
  • Jude PARK

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    IFA 2018