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David Ricardostraat 9-9
7559 SH Hengelo

IFA 2019

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Recommendation of CA-703 and CA-707 Dehumidifiers with Ionizer

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Product description

The 2in1 system for air dehumidification and air purification of the CA-707 provides optimal indoor air climate all year long: if the set relative humidity has been reached, dehumidification stops, but air purification continues. The continuously working air purification of the multifunctional CA-707 dehumidifier by Clean Air Optima liberates indoor air from allergens, mould spores, annoying animal hair, pollen, dust, bacteria and unpleasant smells all year long.

The Clean Air Optima CA-707 realise healthy indoor air climate by advanced technology with multifunctional 2in1 system for air dehumidifying and air purifying.

Dehumidifying indoor air with condensation technology
The condensation dehumidifier with compressor technology is the most frequently used dehumidifier on the market and the CA-707 can be used within a temperature range of +5 to +35°C.
This efficient dehumidifier is equipped with a compressor which conducts humid indoor air along a cooling element. Humid ambient air is quickly cooled down this way. Humidity in the air condensates because low temperatures mean less humidity in the air. Condensation is collected in a water tank or can be directly drained by connecting the included hose.

Technical Spec’s CA-707
Suitable for rooms up to 70m²
• Dehumidification through condensation drying
Capacity: 20 liters per day at 30°C and 80% RH
• Air purification with prefilter, activated carbon filter, UV-lamp and Ionizer
• Ionizer performance > 3.000.000 negative ions / cm³
• Oscillation flap 45 - 90° movable/fixed
• Integrated hygrostat settings: 35 – 80% RH / Automatic defrosting and restart
• Automatic drainage with hose (3 meter hose included)
• Digital control panel / Colour monitor front side
• Moveable with handle and wheels
• 4 Liter Watertank
• Very silent < 39 dB(A)
• 4 operation mode options High, Low, Auto, Fan / Air flow: up to 120m³/h
• Timer function on / off 0 – 24h
• Voltage AC 220V-240V / 50Hz
• Power Consumption: 240W fan slow / 370W fan fast
• Temparature range: +5 / + 35°C / Refrigerant: R134A / Compressor type: Rotary
• Dimensions HxBxD 58,0 x 38,0 x 19,5cm
• Colour white / black
• Weight 14,4 kg
• Certified: CE

The volume of the water tank amounts 1,8 litres and dehumidification performance of the device is located around 650 ml/day (at a relative humidity of 80% and 30°). These features are the reasons why the electronic air dehumidifier CA-703 with ionizer, UV light is perfectly suited for rooms up to 20m²/50m³, like for example the bathroom or cleaning /storage rooms.

The unique design of the CA-703 combines important features as effective air dehumidification with performant purification, elegant design, high functionality and sustainability.

• 2 in 1: dehumidification and purification of indoor air
• Helps with the drying of clothes
• Automatic programme for dehumidification and purification of indoor air
• Acts preventively against the development of mildew, rust and damages caused by humidity
• Eliminates fusty smells dust and microorganisms
• Combats dust mites and mildew, reduces allergy problems
• Reduces heating costs: the dryer the house, the lower the heating costs
• Operational above a relative humidity of 40%
• Easy operation
• LED display for ON / OFF, UV and ionizer, full water tank
• Stops automatically with an LED signal when the water tank is full
• Content of the water tank 1,8 liters
• Automatic restart
• Strong and uninterrupted fan operation
• Silent through the fan equipped with ball-bearing
• Elegant design and practical handle
• Low energy consumption
• Optimal cost performance ratio
• English instruction manual inclusive

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