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Product description


Cooking with sous vide Sous vide - cooking "under vacuum" is becoming more prevalent also with hobby chef in private homes. The advantages are obvious: While cooking in a vacuum-sealed bag, the natural taste of food remains and doesn’t get “lost” in the air or water, the meat is tender and juicy, nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are not lost and vegetables stay crisp and have an intense color.

Also the marinating and seasoning before vacuum sealing achieves better results. To use “sous vide” in the kitchen, you need a vacuum sealer and a cooking device that keeps the temperature constant during cooking time period.

All ingredients like oil, spices, and vegetables are welded in a vacuum bag and then cooked in a water-bath completely automatically at low temperatures. Another advantage of the gentle preparation is to preserve the delicate flavors. The taste remains embraced in the bag and keeps the food, especially meat, wonderfully juicy. Vitamins and nutrients are kept reserved.

Precise, consistent with excellent results - in contrast to conventional ovens or broilers, the cooking temperature is kept exactly, and can be adjusted in 0.1 °C increments.

It’s definite that with this method, nothing can be overcooked or burn, moreover it can leave unattended. Even if the guests are running late, the dishes will be kept warm in the water bath without the being cooked further. So you are always absolutely "on time" and among the guests at the table, while the device manages all by itself.

Here are some examples:
  • SV 200 SousVide Garer
  • SV 300 SousVide Garer
  • SV 1200 Smart SousVide Garer
  • SV 1200 Pro Smart SousVide Garer
  • SV 500 SousVide Center
  • SV 900 SousVide Center
Premium SousVide Accessory:
  • SousVide container
  • SousVide Isolation balls
  • SousVide Set with Thermoisolating floating balls and container

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