Christina Agger

IFA Networker of Camar ApS

CEO & Founder

Gydevang 39-41
3450 Allerød
Capital Region

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Introducing CAMAR’s patented software technology “TacTile Pinpoint”, creating an intuitive ‘3D-feel’ to buttons on a touchscreen.

Software enabled HMI solutions to replace physical buttons.

TacTile Pinpoint convinces your senses there are physical buttons on the touchscreen enabling users to use touchscreens without looking. An important safety enhancement to touchscreen navigation.

As touchscreens are essentially just flat panes of glass, tactile feedback is not an option. While vibration motors are built into many devices, they only provide a very rudimentary level of feedback and more importantly, only provide a feedback confirmation AFTER you have performed an action offering little to no option to optimize safety or improved user experience.

Our solution uses the vibration motor to dramatically increase the tactile feedback, affording users a much more intuitive experience while reducing the need to look at the touchscreen by getting a feedback confirmation BEFORE and WHILE you perform an action.
Our technology is an easy add-on enabled software for existing systems, allowing a much more intuitive user experience.


Further information

  • Looking for

    Automotive and household appliances manufacturers with strategic focus on touchscreens in product portfolio

  • Offers

    SDK licenses for manufacturers and software service partners