Environmental Simulation

Product of VDE Prüf- und Zertifizierungsinstitut GmbH

IFA IFA Global Markets (02 - 05 Sep)

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IFA IFA Global Markets (02 - 05 Sep)
  • 02 - 05 September 2018 02 - 05 September 2018

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Product description

Electrical products must function safely. Not only does this apply under optimum outdoor conditions but also when extreme connditions are prevalent. The VDE Institute assists in testing and certification.
The environmental simulation includes many different test methods for analyzing the interaction between a product and its environment. Generally speaking, environmental simulation tests are performed as part of product safety inspections of components, devices and machines.
With regard to environmental simulation tests, the appropriate standards decide the characteristics that the product must have. The tests can also be conducted along with development. Special tests for determining certain product characteristics are also possible.
When determining the protection types and IK and IP protection classes, it is mainly about determining the place of use. Depending on the product type and purpose, a certain protection class (IP and/or IK) must be met, primarily for electrical equipment and systems used in industry. In our test laboratory, we can perform any tests that are required to obtain the IP or IK protection class.
Products for industrial technology are often exposed to extreme conditions such as heat, dirt, moisture or mechanical impacts such as vibrations. The VDE Institute tests the shock resistance, the effect of very high and very low temperatures, moisture, high air humidity along with solar radiation and vibration.
Furthermore, we also test devices for end consumers, such as indoor and outdoor light chains and luminaires, for all necessary safety aspects.
With the certification that environmental influences do not have any effects on the devices, manufacturers are not the only ones that receive a certification of safety and quality; product purchasers can also rest assured that the product corresponds to the current state of the art and that flawless indoor and outdoor functionality is guaranteed thanks to the VDE Mark.