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Merianstr. 28
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IFA IFA Global Markets (02 - 05 Sep)
  • 02 - 05 September 2018 02 - 05 September 2018

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Product description

Today, more than ever, the safety of devices, machines and systems depends on the proper function of electric, electronic and programmable electronic systems (abbreviated as E/E/PE systems).
Functional safety entails a series of obligations, mainly during the development phase. It must be taken into account across the entire life cycle and handled differently, depending on the level of consideration. Functional safety should be tested by an independent testing and certification institution like the VDE Institute, particularly when there is a high potential for risk.
Malfunctions could lead to dangerous situations such as electric shocks, fire or even explosions, which can endanger people or investments. As such, it must be ensured that E/E/PE systems work flawlessly and safely–even in case of malfunction.
Take advantage of the VDE Institute’s expertise to design your product safely and to prevent such hazards.
If focus is placed on a product’s special characteristic during the tests and compliance with the requirements of the respective standard can be proven, then a special certificate with a mark relating to this characteristic can be issued. This mark can be used and will be listed in the VDE’s certification directory.
We offer you comprehensive testing services in functional safety, even as early as during the development process.

We focus on the following products and fields, among other things:
  • Agricultural engineering for autonomous vehicles
  • Battery management systems
  • Civil drones
  • Electrical protective equipment
  • E-mobility, electric bicycles, e-bikes, automotive
  • Household appliances, tools
  • Machines, connected robots, Industry 4.0
  • Medical devices
  • Photovoltaics
  • Smart home
  • Software