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IFA 2019
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Polti technology is with you to add value to your commitment

Polti is an Italian company that has changed the way of living at home and for 40 years has been addressing all #homelovers who with love, dedication and passion take care of their home, themselves and their families
Thanks to innovative products that have influenced the habits of consumers all over the world, Polti offers a modern and sustainable approach to ironing and cleaning: steam as a powerful and natural element at the heart of simple and responsible innovations
Products like Polti Vaporella, the first iron with boiler for domestic use, and Polti Vaporetto, the steam cleaner with high pressure boiler, have characterized the company's history and are still a reference point today for know-how and experience
Over the years, other successful products have been added to the home cleaning range such as Polti Moppy, one of our latest product innovations
Since 1978 Polti has taken care of families responsibly, offering solutions that can improve the quality of lives, respecting nature
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