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Product description

Like its smaller sibling, the ROG Strix SCAR II GL704 comes with powerful components and innovative features, including the latest 8th-gen Intel processors and 10-series GeForce graphics, along with self-cleaning cooling and antenna-hopping Wave 2 WiFi. But it makes a bigger splash that’s only available from ROG.

These small display bezels are a pretty big deal
Shrinking the frame does more than just increase the impact of everything on the screen. It also lets us make the footprint more compact, which is especially important with larger screen sizes. The Strix SCAR II puts a 17” display into a 15.7” body that fits more easily into tight spaces and packed bags. This is the first 17” laptop under 400mm wide, which is only possible because of the super-narrow bezels surrounding the display on three sides.
The 7.05-mm borders are up to 50% narrower than on other 17” gaming laptops, putting the Strix SCAR II at the front of the pack. Together we pushed AUO’s IPS-type AHVA technology to 120Hz, doubling the speed of conventional laptop displays. Then we commissioned chemical giant Merck to create a custom liquid crystal structure and carrier liquid for a faster 144Hz panel with a quicker 7-ms response time. We raised the bar again by cutting the pixel transition time to just 3 ms for the most recent round of 8th-gen ROG gaming laptops, and now we’re combining the same silky gameplay and crisp visuals with super-narrow bezels that heighten immersion.

Smarter cooling maximizes performance for the long haul
With an Intel 8th Generation processor up to the Core i7-8750H, the SCAR II boasts as many as six cores and 12 threads primed for demanding multithreaded workloads. It’s joined by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GPU that pushes triple-digit frame rates in popular esports titles. Ready for VR and capable of accelerating professional pursuits like content creation, this discrete graphics chip is part of a powerful one-two punch that lets the SCAR II take on any task.
Laptops have limited space to dissipate heat, so we devote significant effort to cutting-edge cooling. The HyperCool Pro system under the hood spreads across three heatsinks and two fans. One heatsink is linked exclusively to the GPU to handle the additional heat produced by typical gaming loads.
The fans are self-cleaning, with special anti-dust tunnels that direct particles out of the system to prevent debris from accumulating on the heatsinks

Built to light up the battlefield
Extensive RGB lighting lets you customize the looks with a personalized glow across four zones in the keyboard, two zones for the light bar stretching across the front edge, and one zone for the ROG logo on the lid. With Aura Sync, matching colors and effects with compatible components takes only a few clicks, enabling perfectly synchronized setups that extend from the laptop to peripherals like the Strix Fusion 700 headset and Gladius II Origin mouse.

Stacking the spec sheet improves versatility
The Strix SCAR II GL704 sports a well-rounded spec loaded with connectivity, including support for gigabit-class networking speeds for wired and wireless networks. Intel’s latest 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi uses faster frequencies to reach higher speeds with compatible routers like the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300. We add intelligent RangeBoost technology that uses additional antennas to extend range. RangeBoost constantly monitors signal strength across multiple antennas and automatically shifts to the ones with the strongest connection.

Choose the right size for the job
The 17” ROG Strix SCAR II GL704 augments our existing lineup of 15” SCAR II and Hero II variants based on the GL504. It’s very similar apart from the larger display, providing esports competitors and everyday gamers with another high-performance option tune for hardcore play. Ask your local ROG representative about configuration and pricing details for your region.

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