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Product description

Analogue? Digital? Why not both?
There are (almost) no limits anymore for what you can do with our four handy helpers. In no time at all, our video converters convert analogue SCART signals into digital HDMI® signals and vice versa.
Also analogue audio signals can be converted effortlessly into digital audio signals and in reverse. This way, you can easily connect your well-tried devices with your modern technology at home.

Gaming console, VHS video recorder & Co.
If you don't want to miss your video recorder including all the cassettes collected over the years or your beloved Nintendo console from the 90s, the SCHWAIGER SCART-HDMI® Converter is just the thing for you. With a little help from the converter, you can still use older devices that only have SCART and connect them to a modern High Definition TV via the high-resolution HDMI® connection. Experience the retro character of the original Super Mario series as well as your old favourite movies in a brand new look.

Stereo Sound, High Fidelity & Full HD
Of course, you can also continue using your favourite stereo system and integrate it into your modern home entertainment. This is exactly what the SCHWAIGER Digital to Analogue Audio Converter is designed for. The conversion of a digital audio signal from a television or Blu-Ray player into an analogue stereo signal will be child's play. This way you can keep on enjoying the original sounds of your classic hi-fi system to match the pictures in Full HD.

By the way: SCHWAIGER also offers you the option of going the other way round when converting your audio and video signals. Let us surprise you!