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IFA IFA Global Markets (02 - 05 Sep)
  • 02 - 05 September 2018 02 - 05 September 2018

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Product description

Manufacturers of smart home systems and devices face technical challenges in software and hardware. The experts at the VDE Institute assist you with the most important requirements for your products – even as early as during the development phase.
Intelligent devices that control things such as lighting, heating or the camera will increase housing security and comfort. But consumers can also save time and energy in their own home or in the living room with it.
The Smart Home testing platform developed by the VDE Institute can be used to evaluate, test and certify all smart home technologies that are currently used on the market. With this program, connected Smart Home products from different manufacturers are simultaneously tested for interoperability, information security, privacy and functional security. This answers the question on whether standalone devices and systems are compatible with each other.
In addition to technical software tests, the products and systems can also be tested and certified for compliance with product-specific security and EMC requirements.

Cyber security

We protect your smart home products from cyber attacks by using ultra-modern technology and we test the following:
  • Devices (communication devices and gateways)
  • Backend and cloud systems
  • Apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Security software (for a secure electronic identity for authentication purposes)
During these processes, the security goals for cyber security in the product, system design and in the implementation undergo testing. User documentation and the technical aspects of privacy are part of the testing.
In the industrial field of office IT and operations OT, we test the interfaces between machines, management, office systems and to the internet.
While doing so, it is irrelevant if the network is only operated inside a factory or if external communications partners such as branch offices are connected to this network over the internet.
Testing also includes assessing the risk analysis related to information security as per IEC 62443.

Interoperability (IOP)

Cross-product IOP and uniform security standards are the foundation for marketing Smart Living products and applications. The VDE Institute offers comprehensive testing and conformity evaluation services for such applications.
To that end, the VDE Institute has developed a cloud-based testing platform. The VDE Test Suite 2.0 allows for remote-controlled testing of products for interoperability.
The VDE works with associations, energy suppliers, and manufacturers on standardizing interoperable systems and provides testing systems for communication tests.
The communication method, i.e. the messages sent and received by the connected devices, is different for the various use cases. As such, data formats and message templates for all the relevant messages of a use case are defined for the implementation of the tests. Whether the device in question passes the test is contingent upon certain pre-defined evaluation criteria. As such, tests are conducted to see if a connected device’s sent messages are correct and whether it properly responds to received messages as well, among other things. After a successful test, you will receive our VDE “Tested Interoperability” feature certificate.