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Product description

At IFA 2018 in Berlin, Hisense introduces its new washing and drying products, demonstrating the company’s innovative strength with 6 washing machines. Among this year’s IFA highlights are Hisense’s new washer-dryer, a triple-washer with three drums and the EH series with energy efficiency class A+++ -20%.

WDBL1014V: compact and powerful washer-dryer with turbo program
The new WDBL1014V washer-dryer from Hisense is fast, compact and has a large capacity. It combines washing machine and dryer in one device and requires little floor space. With a capacity of up to 10 kilograms, the WDBL1014V can even handle large laundry loads. Up to 7 kilograms of laundry can be washed and then dried in one single process.

New Wash&Dry short program: washing and drying in just one hour
The party starts in two hours and the blouse or shirt isn't washed. A typical case for the Wash&Dry short program. Powered by the strong inverter motor, up to 1 kilogram of laundry can be cleaned and dried in just 60 minutes. Electronically controlled, this motor spins the drum at up to 1,400 revolutions per minute. At 72 decibels even at maximum spin capacity, the washer-dryer works very quietly and operates almost vibration-free. Hisense offers a 10-year warranty on this new engine.

Fight the single sock dilemma with the handy refill function
The refill function is particularly practical. Everyone has experienced a case like this: The machine is running and all of a sudden, the second sock appears. With its new WDBL1014V, Hisense puts an end to lost clothes. Because of the refill function, the current program can be interrupted at the push of a button. As soon as the drum comes to a stop, the door can be opened and the missing sock can be added to the laundry. Pressing the button again resumes the program.

Triple Washer: Hisense reinvents the washing machine
You want to pre-sort your laundry and wash it in one go? With Hisense’s new Triple-Wash, that’s no problem at all. This machine has three different drums: one large drum at the bottom and two small drums accessible from the top. For example, the normal laundry goes into the large drum, while the children's laundry goes separately from the hand laundry in one of the upper drums. The Triple Washer is also equipped with the new Hisense inverter motor, the refill and “Auto Dosing” function.

Power Jet Wash and Auto Dosing
The "Power Jet Wash" function developed by Hisense ensures thoroughly clean laundry. Detergent and water are injected under high pressure into the washing drum so that they can penetrate deeply into the fabric and dissolve dirt particles. To ensure that the right quantity of detergent and fabric softener is added, Hisense has equipped its new Triple Washer with an intelligent dosing system. "Auto Dosing" always delivers the best results depending on the amount of laundry. Once the separate softener and detergent containers have been filled, this lasts for up to twenty washes.

Gentle drum
The new gentle drum is used for soft laundry handling. The special structure of its surface allows the laundry to float on a thin film of water, which reduces the mechanical load by up to 70 percent. In addition, the laundry is no longer pressed into the holes during spinning, which is particularly gentle on sensitive fabrics such as silk.

Big performance, small consumption
For consumers who attach particular importance to low power consumption but are also keen on comfort and performance, the washing machines of the EH series are the right choice. The top model is available with a drum size of 10 kilograms. “Power Jet Wash” and “Super Quick Wash” ensure high operating comfort. At the same time, the washing machine achieves energy efficiency class A+++ -20%.

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