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Industriering Ost 40
47906 Kempen
North Rhine-Westphalia

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Phone: +49 2152 20060
Fax: +49 2152 20061999

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Recommendation of Weather station with radio clock WSU 7026 RC

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Product description

■Multifunctional radio weather station
■Two-piece set, comprising base station and radio sensor
■Comfortable, wireless transmission
■Radio sensor for display of: - Temperature (in °C / °F) - Humidity (in %)
■Transmission signal/Frequency 433 Mhz
■Displays time of day, date with weekday and month, phases of the moon, Sunrise, sunset, temperature (°C/°F), air pressure, humidity (Indoor/Outdoor), weather forecast
■XL-LCD Display (illuminated) approx. 130 x 80 mm (W x H)
■Stand and Wall Mounting for base and sensor possible

Weather Station
■Weather Forecast (Barometer - sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy)
■Temperature display (switchable °C/°F)
■Humidity display (in %)
■Air pressure display (in mb/hpa or in Hg)
■Data storage for: - Temperature max./min. (in °C/°F - Outdoor and Indoor) - Humidity max./min. (in %) - Air pressure display (in mb/hpa or in Hg)
■Air pressure statistics
■Outdoor temperature - Alarm signal (adjustable frost monitor function)

Alarm Function
■■ Automatic interval alarm (Snooze)

■12/24 Hour LCD display

Power Supply
■Battery Operation Base: 3x AAA/Sensor: 2x AA (Battery not included)