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Product description

In addition to weight, the body analysis scale BS 500 connect also reliably measures body fat, body water, muscle percentage and bone mass. Practical LED lights clearly indicate the change in weight: Red stands for weight gain, green for weight loss and blue for no weight change. In addition to the automatic recognition of up to eight users, the scale also determines the BMI value (Body Mass Index) and has an integrated calorie requirement analysis (BMR).

A heart rate measurement is also carried out with each weight measurement. The heart rate in resting position, i.e. the so-called resting pulse, gives an indication of the general fitness level: a low resting pulse indicates a more efficient heart function and better fitness of the cardiovascular system. As you move to a more active lifestyle, your resting pulse will also become lower. The scale also has a convenient step-on switch and automatic switch-off. Its maximum load capacity is up to 180 kilograms. The body analysis scale BS 500 connect is available in two great designs - either in classic black or puristic white. Its stylish, invisible LED display only appears when weighing. The innovative scales thus become real eye-catchers in your home bathroom.

As a connect product, the Wi-Fi body analysis scale transmits its data in real time to the recently rewarded VitaDock+ health app for iOS and Android and to VitaDock® Online using convenient WLAN data transmission. This underlines medisana's competence in the field of smart and mobile product developments. In just one app, users can have their collected vital signs, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, sleep and activity, always and everywhere with them and track their measurement results over time in clear graphs. The medisana VitaDock+ App thus supports control and self-responsibility for one's own health and gives everyone more freedom to consciously and individually adjust to one's own body.

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