• Alango - Wear & Hear

    Solving issues of accessibility and high cost that prevent over a billion hearing-impaired people worldwide from using hearing aids, our technology improves hearing individually for each user in a variety of situations. Integrated into fashionable, versatile, affordable Bluetooth stereo headsets, our line of assistive hearing products provides customized hearing and improved comprehension during live and phone conversations, when listening to live and streamed audio, and for everyday situations.
  • Jason Powis

    IFA Networker of Sales Promotions
    Business Development Manager
    Consultant, Marketing and Communication, Sales
    As a specialist in promotional fulfilment, I wanted to see if there is anything we can do for you. We operate in over 100 countries, so we can offer scale and also provide all back office services to execute any campaign (legal, customer service, claim processing etc.). The net result is that we can offer you efficiency and cost savings along with ‘quicker go to market’ strategy. I'd appreciate being able to explore this with you, or one of your colleagues. Do you have any upcoming trade or…