SCHWAIGER is a traditional German brand with over 70 years of experience in all fields of reception technology. As a manufacturer of high-quality electronic accessories, SCHWAIGER has successfully established itself in the consumer electronics market. The range of today’s assortment encompasses far more than the classic areas of TV reception, audio & video accessories. The portfolio ranges from SAT dishes and set-top-boxes with matching connection cables to modern smartphone accessories and the…

    Analogue? Digital? Why not both? There are (almost) no limits anymore for what you can do with our four handy helpers. In no time at all, our video converters convert analogue SCART signals into digital HDMI® signals and vice versa. Also analogue audio signals can be converted effortlessly into digital audio signals and in reverse. This way, you can easily connect your well-tried devices with your modern technology at home. Gaming console, VHS video recorder & Co. If you don't want to miss your…