• Actronika

    IFA 2019
    • Startup Startup
    Humanity's universal language, the sense of touch, has been neglected in human machine interface until now; Actronika is revolutionizing HMI by creating the next generation of user experience through the sense of touch. Our haptic technology is ready to be integrated in any products to create a strong and genuine feeling of trust with your customers. Our technology is portative, affordable, easily adaptable and ready for production. JUST SENSE IT
  • DONNER Jean-Michel

    IFA Networker of Monster
  • Eugene van Nieulande

    IFA Networker of Wireless Power Consortium
    Director Business Development
    The Wireless power Consortium (WPC) is searching for new tier 1 partners. We just reached a milestone by launching the Ki Cordless Kitchen standard for kitchen appliances. Our first eco-system launch is expected in 2021! The WPC would like to discuss with you a possible partnership/membership which would be for your company an incredible incentive for the future. The expectation is that Ki Cordless Kitchen appliances will be soon commercialized. As a member you will have influences in the futur…