• Edward Gendelman

    IFA Networker of Edi Gendelman Consultant Agency
  • Mikael Kanervo

    IFA Networker of Brightstar
    Business Manager
    Business Unit Manager, Product Manager, Sales
  • Antti Lilja

    IFA Networker of CREOIR
    Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    We help companies enable voice to any product. We combine our audio and acoustics design with Synaptics AudioSmart® voice processing technology, and offer solutions that work well in noisy, real-world environments. We have experience on Amazon Alexa Voice Services and have helped several manufacturers on developing Alexa-enabled devices to market.
  • ahmad maklad

    IFA Networker of alanwar makalda ltd
  • Dov Rattan

    IFA Networker of Nekuda Design Management
    Director Business Development & Design Strategy
    Business Unit Manager, Director, Marketing and Communication
    New clients and corporation Nekuda’s spot-on design, expert engineering and careful planning create products and services that naturally fit into users’ lives and generates strategic business growth for our clients and partners.
  • Ron Waldman

    IFA Networker of Haier Innovation