• Chushan Technology

    IFA Global Markets (02 - 05 Sep)
    • 02 - 05 September 2018 02 - 05 September 2018
    Chushan focuses on wireless power R&D and provides below 15W WPC Qi compliant wireless charging modules for smartphones & accessories also hundred to kilowatt wireless power solutions for medium and high power electronics, home appliances, intelligent hardware, industrial equipment for example vacuum cleaners, robotic sweepers & lawn mowers, drones, medical equipment, and AGVs. By constant research and development, Chushan is dedicated to create a safer and more convenient wireless lifestyle.
  • Vice President Russell Kong

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    Vice President
    IFA Global Markets (02 - 05 Sep)
    wireless charging modules and solutions for intelligent hardware and home appliances for example drones, UAVs, robotic sweepers, robotic lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, AGVs.