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  • Attila Bernhardt

    IFA Networker of AttiBear Visuals
    CEO & Creative Head
    Vendors and Manufacturers who value someone that is passionate about a brand and is able to infect others with that passion Creative Influencer Productions and Campaigns.
  • CEO Ole-Hermann Berthelsen

    IFA Networker of Custom Install AS
  • Peter Blampied

    IFA Networker of Someone Like You Ltd
    Audio Home Entertainment Household appliances Lifestyle and Wellness DAB+ Radio Smart Home
  • Stuart Bruce

    IFA Networker
    Commercial Director
    Brands & products for Automotive / Lifestyle & CE Markets in UK across B2B, retail & B2C. Full service distribution & go to market service.
  • Busch-ControlTouch®

    IFA 2019
    KNX-Fernbedienung. Mit Mobile Devices spielend einfach.   Die Funktionen der KNX-Haussteuerung bedient man heute nicht mehr nur über Panel oder Schalter, sondern auch ferngesteuert über Smartphone und Smartwatch. Klare Kontrolle für Elektroinstallateur und Kunde. Neben der Steuerung von Schaltern, Dimmern, Jalousien und Szenen bietet der Busch-ControlTouch® KNX die Möglichkeit, IP-Kameras, Sonos-Wireless-Boxen und Philips-Hue-Leuchten in das System einzubinden. Die komplette Inbetriebnahme des M…
  • Busch-free@homePanel 7"

    IFA 2019
    Haussteuerung einfach wie nie.   Das Busch-free@homePanel führt Funktionen von Busch-free@home® über eine frei konfigurierbare Bedienseite aus und fungiert gleichzeitig als Bindeglied zum Türkommunikations-System Busch-Welcome®.   Insgesamt sind 16 Funktionen frei konfigurierbar – Licht schalten und dimmen, Bewegungserkennung, Steuern von Jalousie, Szenen, Heizung, Klima, Türkommunikation sowie Zeitfunktionen.   Die neue Wireless-Bedienung eröffnet neue Möglichkeiten für Modernisieru…

    IFA 2019
    Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH, the innovative market leader in the field of electrical installation technology, is one of Germany‘s strong brands. The company belongs to the ABB group and has approx. 1,300 employees in Lüdenscheid and Aue (Bad Berleburg). At present, the company‘s product range comprises approx. 6,000 articles, from the complete electrical installation program with switches, sockets, special connector systems, modular devices, dimmers and motion detectors, to door communication syst…
  • Mikhail Bychko

    IFA Networker of Iomico
    IoT Project Manager
    Business Unit Manager, Project Manager
    Here is what our hardware/firmware team capable of assisting you with: - complete PCB Cycle Design to Production (components selection, schematic design, PCB design, pre-production preparation, full assembly & testing). We select components from Digikey, TME, Mouser, Farnell and other. - embedded development, we can work with C, C++, Assembler, Python. - research & development. - 3D Product/Enclosure/Pack CAD modeling, CAD stress test/physical simulation.
  • Marco Carolli

    IFA Networker of Tecnologie Ambientali s.a.s.
    Mechatronic Engineer
    Business Unit Manager, Buyer, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
  • Fabrizio Castagnotto

    IFA Networker of TecnoGazzetta
    Press contact
  • Sales and Marketing Manager Johan Cheng Falkström

    IFA Networker of Gandalf Distribution AB
    Sales and Marketing Manager
    Director, Marketing and Communication, Sales
    Gandalf part of ELKO Group ELKO Grupa ELKO Gandalf Distribution
  • Daniel Chin

    Contact person of HYPER by Sanho Corporation
    IFA 2019