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  • Fakir Elektrikli Ev Aletleri Dis Ticaret A.S.

    • IFA 2019
    • Hall 4.1 207
    Wilhelm Kicherer began our company’s success story in 1933 when he founded the family owned company Fakir. At this time, machines and appliances for cleaning floors were manufactured. Fakir soon became a well-known hallmark of outstanding quality and high-grade, innovative technology. During the expansion of the company in the 50s, electric heating appliances for household use were added to the constantly enlarged production programme.
  • Dario Gonzalez

    IFA Networker of Epinium
    CMO - Marketing Manager
    Marketing and Communication
    We are looking for brands which manufacture products. We offer the most accurate AI technology gives you precise insights to increase your Revenue by understanding your customers, spotting market trends and tracking your competitors in real time. Your customers are influenced by product reviews, pricing and ratings. Understand the market by utilizing big data, collected from all e-commerce platforms around the world, with the most user-friendly SaaS platform.