• Nikolaj Byrn-Kirketerp

    IFA Networker of AnyTech365
    Business Development Director EMEA
  • Marco Carolli

    IFA Networker
    Other employee
    For the company Ferrovial S.A., particularly for its subsidiary company Cadagua which specialises in the design, construction and operation of water treatment plants, I'm seeking and investigating on new technologies to reimagin the operation and maintenance of the water plants of the future. The project is developed in partnership with the EIT (European Institute of Innovation) under the program "Pioneer Into Practice 2017", aimed at develp professionals active in the fight of the climate chan…
  • Sales director Sofia Erasun

    IFA Networker of momit
    We are looking for distributors of our current smarthome products and also B2B partners to develop any type of smart home devices
  • Dario Gonzalez

    IFA Networker of Epinium
    CMO - Marketing Manager
    Marketing and Communication
    We are looking for brands which manufacture products. We offer the most accurate AI technology gives you precise insights to increase your Revenue by understanding your customers, spotting market trends and tracking your competitors in real time. Your customers are influenced by product reviews, pricing and ratings. Understand the market by utilizing big data, collected from all e-commerce platforms around the world, with the most user-friendly SaaS platform.
  • Javier Morago

    IFA Networker
  • Meelis Paloson

    IFA Networker of netRivals S.L.
    eCommerce Pricing Specialist
    Business Unit Manager
  • Business Development Manager Rui Silva

    IFA Networker of ENAME S.A.
    Business Development Manager
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Companies who may need our services Excellent quality, with huge flexibility to customer needs at great prices!