• Accessories of Attraction

    Product of iDeal of Sweden
    Accessories of Attraction is unique in that it combines functionality with trends and style. Our wallets, cases and magnetic products are all compatible with each other. Wallets are traditional and timeless in style making them perfect for matching with the latest fashions, trends, colour and patterns. Until now customers have been forced to choose between a functional wallet and a trendy phone case. Now we can offer them both in the customer’s own chosen combination. Customers purchase multiple…
  • Anouk Aladjemoff

    Contact person of PNY TECHNOLOGIES
  • Yasir ALkaar

    Contact person of Promate Technologies Limited
    Executive Director
    Reatil, E-Commerce and Distribution Partners. We are Promate, and We are Made for Retail. Promate offers more than a thousands Unique Innovative products, 30% of them have won the Best Innovation and Best Designs Awards. Promate has won more than 500 Awards in the past 10 years, they are all about Best Innovation, Best Design and Best Brand. We pride ourselves on bridging the gap between the price-extremist brands and cheap un-certified products by offering the right product for the ri…
  • Amaryllo International, Inc.

    Amaryllo International B.V., founded in Amsterdam, is a pioneer in AI as a Service. Ranked as the worldwide number-one camera robot company by Gartner, Amaryllo is the proud winner of CES Best of Innovations for 4 consecutive years. Standalone auto-tracking and fast facial recognition are Amaryllo’s patented technologies. Amaryllo provides robotic camera solutions to transform CCTV into cutting-edge camera robot. Amaryllo services offer military-grade encryption, computer vision, intelligen…
  • Aleksandr Antochin

    Contact person of UAB Sponge
  • Apollo - World's First Auto-Tracking and Facial Recognition Security A.I. Camera

    Meet Apollo, the world’s first intelligent home security robot. Embedded with multi-core CPUs, Apollo is the world’s first facial-recognition & auto-tracking security robot that talks, sees, hears, senses, and auto-tracks people even in complete darkness. Apollo can recognize human faces and dispatch Face Alerts or 10-second video push-notifications in real-time to smart devices. Thanks to the proprietary AI features, Apollo can also detect human so you will be alerted to the things that matter …
  • AR4 - World’s First PoE Powered Analytics Camera with Soteria Service

    AR4 is the world’s first PoE powered robotic camera that offers fast facial and objects recognition without the need for remote computers. Thanks to the proprietary AI features, AR4 can distinguish between human and vehicles so you will only be alerted to the things that matter most. With IP66 weatherproof rating and multi-camera expandable capability, AR4 captures vital details even in the darkest night and offers unbeatable quality and performance at affordable price. Under Soteria service pla…
  • Ares - World’s First Professional Outdoor IP66 Facial-Recognition Auto-Tracking Security Camera

    Conventional security cameras are only passive recording devices and multiple cameras usually must be installed to avoid blind spots. In addition, they can be hacked within minutes. To decrease surveillance costs and assure privacy protection, Amaryllo provides the patented proactive outdoor camera robot with world’s highest military 256-bit Encryption. Ares is the world’s first professional IP66 certified outdoor robot that proactively recognizes faces, speaks, hears, and auto-tracks intruders…
  • AVer - Video Soundbar(VB342)

    The VB342 is a fully loaded 4K video soundbar that provides users with the best audio pick-up on the market and stunning video quality, and supports multiple communication software. Equipped with an all-in-one video conferencing solution, the VB342 is capable of providing crystal clear video and powerful audio in a conveniently designed frame. Perfect under or above any conferencing monitor, the VB342 will exceed your huddle or conference room audio visual expectations.
  • Petra Babakova

    IFA Networker
    Sales manager
    We are searching for distributors of our products.
  • Blaupunkt Global Brand Community GIP Development SARL

    Blaupunkt is a traditional German brand for consumer lifestyle and car related products as well as for new trendy E-Mobility products. Founded in Berlin in 1923 as the "Ideal" company, Blaupunkt gained notoriety through the internal test label for headphones - the blue dot which means in German Blaupunkt. The quality feature became a trademark in 1924 and in 1938 also the company name. Today, the brand is being developed by GIP Development SARL as part of the BLAUPUNKT GLOBAL BRAND COMMUNITY. Mo…
  • Dominika Bogusz

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    Marketing Manager
    Marketing and Communication