• Hakan Cebi

    Contact person of ZILAN DIS TICARET LTD. STI.
    Export Supervisor
  • Clean Air Optima International B.V.

    The Brand Clean Air Optima® Our products are sold under the protected brand Clean Air Optima®. In addition, the brand stands for the main objective of Clean Air Optima: to enable the best air quality in all interiors where people stay. Excellent range of air treatment systems Our range includes air purifiers, air humidifiers, air washers, dehumidifiers, HYBRID units for simultaneous humidification & air purification or dehumidification & air purification, fans, heaters, models suitable for arom…
  • cooker hoods

  • Creative Technology Corporation

    We have been reserching "Electrostatic" over 30 years in Japan. Everyone have experiance of getting zapped or shock by electrostatic. However depending on how it is used "Electrostatic" is a useful item safely for our life. Creative Technology will provide amazing application of "Electrostatic" with safe! Let"s experience "Electrostatic Magic"
  • Eléonore de Fournas

    Contact person of Netatmo SAS
    Head of Communications
  • Volkan Dede

  • Design Tower Fan CA-406B + Design Tower Fan CA-406W

    - Turning circle (oscillation): 90º and 360º - Airflow: up to 520m³/h - Dust filter for clean and fresh air - Sound level: <25 dB(A) The excellent design of the Clean Air Optima fan CA-406B and CA-406W consists of a very lean tower model and combines space-saving beautiful shaping with efficiency that fits into every interior. Comfortable adjustment thanks to the remote control and timer function. Adjustable dynamic air flow from 7 meters/second until soft, refreshing breeze thanks to the horiz…
  • Bettina Diehl

    Contact person of CASO Design / Braukmann GmbH
    Ass. der Geschäftsleitung
  • Jamie Dunkley

    IFA Networker of Global Icons Europe Ltd
    Licensing Manager
    Other employee, Sales
    Nokia Devices/systems with streaming function Headphones Batteries Wireless chargers Powerbanks Digital Health Electric Heating and Air Conditioning Appliances Home Entertainment & VR Gaming VR- / AR-glasses Smart Home Smart TV Wearables & Smart Fitness Smart watches DAB Cleaning robots Action Cams Digital picture frames Smart Home Automation
  • Georg Egger

    IFA Networker of TELEFUNKEN Licenses GmbH
    Director Business Development
    Searching for Licensees in TV, Home Entertainment, Audio, HiFi, Smart Home, Robotics, Communications, Smart Phones, Feature Phones, Senior Phones, Wearables, Health Care, Personal Care, Car Media, eMobility, etc. for selected countries Offering the well-known German brand TELEFUNKEN, our licensee can take part of high brand awareness and positive image in many countries which definitely increases attractiveness and value of your products.
  • Electric infrared heater

    We produce more than 20 models electric infrared heaters with quality and standard certificated accepted all countires. Please check our website . Thank you
  • Fakir Elektrikli Ev Aletleri Dis Ticaret A.S.

    Since nearly 90 years Fakir Hausgeräte GmbH belongs to the top player in the market of small appliances (cleaning solutions, vacuum cleaner, kitchen appliances, mobile heating, ventilation, Air treatment and -conditioning) in Germany. With concentration on „Quality from Germany“ develops and produces Fakir in Germany and worldwide. Fakir has a national distribution with own sales and over 60 service centers. Fakir international is organized on more than 60 subsidiaries and distribution partners.…