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    Safe, reliable, stable: this is what the ABUS brand stands for. Founded in 1924, ABUS is today a globally active family business in its fourth generation, which has set standards in terms of safety during the course of its almost 100-year history. The company's divisions are divided into Home Security, Mobile Security and Commercial Security, which are constantly being further developed to meet the needs of private and commercial users. The product range extends from mechanical/mechatronic addit…
  • Amaryllo International, Inc.

    Amaryllo International B.V., founded in Amsterdam, is a pioneer in AI as a Service. Ranked as the worldwide number-one camera robot company by Gartner, Amaryllo is the proud winner of CES Best of Innovations for 4 consecutive years. Standalone auto-tracking and fast facial recognition are Amaryllo’s patented technologies. Amaryllo provides robotic camera solutions to transform CCTV into cutting-edge camera robot. Amaryllo services offer military-grade encryption, computer vision, intelligen…
  • Iuliana Andronachi

    Contact person of Netatmo SAS
    Regional PR Manager
  • Apollo - World's First Auto-Tracking and Facial Recognition Security A.I. Camera

    Meet Apollo, the world’s first intelligent home security robot. Embedded with multi-core CPUs, Apollo is the world’s first facial-recognition & auto-tracking security robot that talks, sees, hears, senses, and auto-tracks people even in complete darkness. Apollo can recognize human faces and dispatch Face Alerts or 10-second video push-notifications in real-time to smart devices. Thanks to the proprietary AI features, Apollo can also detect human so you will be alerted to the things that matter …
  • Approx Iberia SL

    Approx Iberia is a 18-year-old technology manufacturer that is composed by 3 brands: Approx, Billow Technology and Keep Out. The first one, Approx, is a technological brand that currently includes 6 product families: vision, sound, storage, communications, accessories and Approx gaming. Its goal is to bring technology to everyone easily and economically by featuring a fundamental characteristic of today in the company: Approx exclusive design. Regarding to Billow, is a technology and lifestyle …
  • AR4 - World’s First PoE Powered Analytics Camera with Soteria Service

    AR4 is the world’s first PoE powered robotic camera that offers fast facial and objects recognition without the need for remote computers. Thanks to the proprietary AI features, AR4 can distinguish between human and vehicles so you will only be alerted to the things that matter most. With IP66 weatherproof rating and multi-camera expandable capability, AR4 captures vital details even in the darkest night and offers unbeatable quality and performance at affordable price. Under Soteria service pla…
  • Ares - World’s First Professional Outdoor IP66 Facial-Recognition Auto-Tracking Security Camera

    Conventional security cameras are only passive recording devices and multiple cameras usually must be installed to avoid blind spots. In addition, they can be hacked within minutes. To decrease surveillance costs and assure privacy protection, Amaryllo provides the patented proactive outdoor camera robot with world’s highest military 256-bit Encryption. Ares is the world’s first professional IP66 certified outdoor robot that proactively recognizes faces, speaks, hears, and auto-tracks intruders…
  • Zdravka Arnaudova

    Contact person of Komaks Ltd.
    Purchasing Manager
    reliable suppliers of Lenovo laptops, tablets and smartphones. Apple products, HP laptops, desktops and monitors. Microsoft Surfacebooks, Surface Pro 4 & 5 tablets. Dell, Asus laptops Lenovo laptops, tablets and smartphones. Apple products, HP laptops, desktops and monitors. Microsoft Surfacebooks, Surface Pro 4 & 5 tablets. Dell, Asus laptops
  • Timo Axmann

    Contact person of TFA Dostmann GmbH & Co. KG
    Head of sales
    Business Unit Manager
  • Petra Babakova

    IFA Networker
    Sales manager
    We are searching for distributors of our products.
  • Behrad Baumgaertel

    IFA Networker of
    Consultant, Marketing and Communication, Sales
    We provide localization & marketing services for the Middle East. We offer "Smart Life" Products to seven countries of the region at this time. Speaking Arabic, Persian and Turkish, we provide all-in-one market entry & sales solutions for International Startups.
  • Patrik Bern

    Contact person of Mooni International AB