• Deodorant One

    Deodorize and Disinfect your Shoes by Free-Radical Action We have developed an original “radical sheet” that disinfects the inside of shoes. Deodorant One sterilizes the entire inside of your shoes by filling them with ozone generated by our radical sheets. Deodorant One’s high deodorization and disinfection power is due to the mechanism that fills and keeps ozone limited to just the space of the show ensuring safe use. Get rid of smelly odors!
  • Electrostatic Display Board "ESCLIP" with white board function.

    Electrostatic Display Board The ESCLIP is the next generation bulletin board. With ESCLIP there is no need for messy glue, tape, magnets, or pins anymore. ESCLIP holds all your papers and materials by static electricity. You can stick and remove papers on the board quickly and effortlessly, and never damage them and also use as white board. The ESCLIP is perfect for home, office, and school. Tidy your documents with ESCLIP!
  • Mobile Air Cleaner

    Using only static electricity, A newly own developed electrostatic filter is loaded into this "OiSHI". The Mobile Air Cleaner "OiSHI" provides clean air wherever you go! The small, compact, and extremely lightweight design allows for convenient portability and it can be used almost anywhere. And "OiSHI" also have Aroma diffuser function to provide a sufficient aromatherapy effect corresponding to the taste of user with fresh and clean air. The Mobile Air Cleaner is a powerful dust collector tha…