• Ermete Di Leta

    Contact person of MAC5 LTD
  • MAC5 LTD

    Italian Design is recognized all over the world as a byword for quality and reliability as well as for excellence in style and materials…and MAC5 is proud to carry on this flag… Thanks to this important background, the company presents itself in an always more selective and exigent market, offering appliances with greater technological, stylistic and qualitative contents. A team of young and dynamic people is focused to provide a reliable service and to offer a wide range of products which satis…
  • Dr. Panayiotis PHILIMIS

    IFA Networker of CYRIC
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Looking for - high tech products - investors in Startups and incubators Licensing of high tech products in wearables, robotics, healthtech, SmartHome, renewable energy Investment portfolio in high tech startups