• Airfree Produtos Electrónicos SA

    IFA 2019
    Airfree was founded in Portugal in 2000 and became a reference in the air purification technology. Its simple and extremely efficient concept got recognized and appreciated by customers and allowed the product to rapidly gain market share. The Airfree air purifiers are presently available in more than 60 countries and are offering a solution not only to allergic people and mold infested homes, but are also applied in various other areas, such as: hotels, museums, libraries, archives, cooling ch…
  • Airfree E60

    The Airfree air purifier E60 has been designed for rooms of up to 24 m² (or 60 m³).
  • Airfree Lotus

    The Airfree LOTUS has been designed for rooms of up to 60 m². Airfree LOTUS eliminates any micro-organisms and allergens in the air, quietly and without harming the environment. Airfree LOTUS gathers a distinctive design with an exclusive technology in order to allow a change of colours and the opening of the decives´ petals, inspired by the striking beauty and mysticism of the Lotus flower.
  • Airfree P125

    The Airfree air purifier P125 has been designed for rooms of up to 50 m² (or 125 m³).
  • Airfree P150

    The Airfree air purifier P150 has been designed for rooms of up to 60 m² (or 150 m³).
  • Cristina Araújo

    European Sales Executive
    IFA 2019
  • Catherine CANESTRIER

    Contact person of Redmond Industrial Group LLC
    IFA 2019
  • Lic business Ana Carrasco

    IFA Networker of Ioca usa
  • VP EMEA Business Etienne Finet

    IFA Networker of Ten Pao International
    VP EMEA Business
    Searching for European OEM’s that need customized consumer power adapters of a high quality and high efficiency Offer all ranges of adapters, any voltage and any power requirements.
  • Alessandro Gambaro

    IFA Networker of Monoprice Inc
    Director of International Sales
    Director, Sales
    Interested in partnering with distributors, resellers in EMEA to offer Monoprice solutions to consumers and businesses across the region. We offer over 7,000 consumer electronics products. Ranging from cables, adapters, AV solutions, wall mounts, 3D printers, office solutions.
  • Senior Buyer Barry Halb

    IFA Networker of DJ Direct Inc
    Senior Buyer
    Director, Buyer
  • Pamela Hill

    IFA Networker of Sonix