• 3D Scanner 2.0 - 3D Scanning for a New Frontier

    3D Scanning for a New Frontier Capture real-world objects in high-detail with the 3D Scanner 2.0, a portable, low-cost high-resolution 3D scanner which also allows you to export in multiple formats. Real Sense, Real Power Powered by Intel® RealSense™ module, the XYZprinting 3D Scanner 2.0 is fast in both scanning ability and processing speed. It has a 25-60 cm operating range with the wide scanning distance of 20-120 cm, this gives you the freedom to scan both large and small objects easily. Wi…
  • Award winning* tempered glass screen protection / DISPLEX Real Glass with EASY-ON®Mounting Frame

    The safety glass screen protection DISPLEX Real Glass made of real tempered glass, offers "Designed in Germany" extremely robust protection against scratches and bumps. Of course crystal clear, with perfect touch features, as well as simple and precise attachment, thanks to the EASY-ON® mounting frame! Custom-fit screen protection made of extremely tempered real glass with only 0.33 mm glass thickness Easy, bubble-free application aid due to EASY-ON®-Mounting Frame Shock and impact protection …
  • da Vinci 3D Pen Cool - Discover Creativity

    Discover Creativity The da Vinci 3D Pen Cool is a safe and portable 3D pen designed for children. By extruding a low-temp PCL plastic from the pen that hardens quickly, the pen lets your children draw in 3D today. Create Anywhere, Anytime The da Vinci 3D Pen Cool’s lightweight design and Micro USB charging cable let your children move it around and draw easily, just like a normal pencil. Keep your kids entertained on the move by connecting the 3D Pen Cool to a power bank and draw in 3D anywhere…
  • da Vinci Color mini - Color 3D Printing Made Accessible

    Color 3D Printing Made Accessible An FFF full-color 3D printer everyone can use. The da Vinci Color mini uses new CMY inkjet technology to deliver consistent and quality full-color prints. Ideas to Full-Color Reality Using new inkjet technology, the da Vinci Color mini applies CMY ink to a special color-absorbing PLA, creating millions of color combinations. It can also print in monochrome, giving you more flexibility for your designs and prints. Designed for Your Space and Budget With a sleek…
  • da Vinci Jr. Pro X+ - Designed for Makers, by Makers

    Designed for Makers, by Makers A reliable and versatile desktop 3D printer that gives makers the freedom to create. Loaded with features, it delivers high-quality 3D prints on a wide range of materials. Your Maker Journey Starts Here Unleash your inner maker with these exceptional features on the da VInci Jr. Pro X+ desktop 3D printer. • Bigger print volume. 175 x 175 x 175 mm • Layer resolution. Up to 20 microns • Open filament system. Print with 3rd party 1.75 mm materials • Max nozzle temp …
  • da Vinci mini w+ - 3D printing made easy

    3D printing made easy The da Vinci mini w+ is an entry-level desktop 3D printer designed for the home. Connect it to your home wifi network and print household items or toys with your children from anywhere in your wireless network. Lightweight and Transportable Weighing less than 8kg, the da Vinci mini w+ is light enough to easily move around your house. Small Size, Big Print Volume With a 150 x 150 x 150 mm aluminum print bed, print bigger and higher quality objects on a smaller printer. Pe…
  • da Vinci nano w - Compact and Wireless. My First Printer.

    Compact and Wireless. My First Printer. The da Vinci nano w has been designed to make 3D printing accessible for everyone. Safe and portable, its micro-design makes it a perfect 3D printing companion for any child. Portable and Lightweight Weighing just 4.7 kg, theda Vinci nano w is light enough to take to a friends house and share the fun of 3D printing. Perfect Prints First Time All of our print materials are quality checked and pre-tested so that there is no need to adjust material settings…
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  • Displex Hybrid Glass "Made In Germany"

    Hybrid Glass Hybrid Glass combines the flexible properties of a protective film with the surface hardness and touch feel of glass! Therefore, our Hybrid Glass is significantly thinner and cheaper than a "normal" protective glass and also shatterproof! Easy to apply thanks to Easy-On® mounting aid. - Perfect material mix, combines surface hardness of glass with the flexibility of plastic (foil). - Breakage, shock and shock protection for the display due to anti-shock-feature. - High-tech glass …
  • Displex Real Glass 3D Tempered Glass Full Screen Protection - Case Friendly + 100% exact and simple application with the installation tool EASY-ON®Frame

    Full Cover protection made from tempered real glass No more compromises! The 3D tempered glass full screen protection "Designed in Germany" is matched 100 % with the top sellers of Apple, Huawei and Samsung, thus - as a true second skin - offering optimal functionality and all-over protection of the entire top of the device! Full Cover, ultra-thin and extremely robust real glass with maximum transparency and colour fidelity: Full-surface, ultra-thin and extremely robust real glass with coloured…
  • DISPLEX / E.V.I. GmbH

    DISPLEX - Simple. Better. Protected. Technology that makes a difference. Declaring this, DISPLEX offers perfect solutions "Made/Designed in Germany" for nearly 20 years for the protection and preservation of screens. These years of experience coupled with innovation power and the absolute will to produce "Test Winner"-products have made DISPLEX a recognized expert in screen protection. DISPLEX Real Glass - the top rated tempered glass screen protector among a lot of top brands,like Panzerglass…
  • E-Sport Pro Excellence

    Product of L33T-Gaming
    The E-Sport Excellence is anything but a regular gaming chair. Our designers have crammed the thoroughbred gaming chair with a large range of professional features such as a strong, cold-rolled steel frame that ensures durability and stability for many years to come. Thereby, you get an excellent gaming chair to suit your needs and your posture. The removable lumbar cushion is gone – this chair has built-in, mechanical lumbar support that ensures great comfort and gives you a better body postur…