• Denver Electronics

    IFA 2019
    INTER SALES manufactures and sells Denver Electronics®, a mass-market consumer electronics brand with over 400 products. Our large catalogue means one-stop shopping for retailers, we have worked with top European retailers since 1990. We work directly with retail buyers and purchasing departments. Our focus is on producing affordable electronics with the right design and performance at the right price. We can even provide customized and private-label consumer electronics for your retail brand. F…
  • HKC Europe B.V.

    • IFA 2019
    • IFA Global Markets (08 - 11 Sep)
    • STATION-Berlin S1 111
    • 08 - 11 September 2019 08 - 11 September 2019
    In 1997, HKC was established, started from PC monitors. In 1998, HKC grew to be top 3 display manufacturer in China. In 2003, HKC set up full range of LCD Monitors, LCD TV, tooling design, plastic injection and LCD backlight. In 2006, total sales amount grew to USD500, 000,000 In 2010, HKC moved into new industrial park which exceeded 1,000,000 pcs /month: 230,000 m² production space. 5064 skillful workers 7 x 120m LED TV lines 4 x120m LED Monitor lines 5 PCBA lines 16 Open-cell lines HKC …