• Petra Babakova

    IFA Networker
    Sales manager
    We are searching for distributors of our products.
  • Brenton Benja

    IFA Networker
    Editor in Chief
    Press contact
    Looking for a sponsorship collaboration to help us report to the Albanian viewers from IFA 2018 Looking for a sponsorship collaboration to help us report to the Albanian viewers from IFA 2018
  • Claudiu Campean

    IFA Networker of PITECH PLUS
    Business Development Manager
    Near shoring partnerships in urban mobility, e-commerce and more Tech experts with industry specific knowledge at best costs
  • Principal Oliver Ebert

    IFA Networker of FOCUS Online, CHIP, BurdaForward
    We try to develop with a technical partner a disruptiv and brandnew experience for consuming news and information. We search for companies that are open and like to do some experiments with us. Especially AI, and robotic is a very interesitng field for uns. We are germanys biggest news-portal. We have enough power to reach almost every german citizen.
  • Georg Egger

    IFA Networker of TELEFUNKEN Licenses GmbH
    Director Business Development
    Searching for Licensees in TV, Home Entertainment, Audio, HiFi, Sorround, Smart Home, Robotics, Communications, Smart Phones, Wearables, Health Care, Personal Care, Car Media, eMobility, etc. for selected countries Offering the well-known German brand TELEFUNKEN, our licensee can take part of high brand awareness and positive image in many countries which definitely increases attractiveness and value of your products.
  • Manfred Hertwich

    IFA Networker
  • Rudolf Jantos

    IFA Networker of Mr
    Head of B2B Marketing
    Marketing and Communication
    Business partnerships, distributors, sponsorship, OEM integration Integration of tracking technology in consumer products. Original Bespoke Corporate Gift Bluetooth Tracker.
  • Lukas Lesnovsky

    IFA Networker of Anritsu
    Sales and Account Manager
    We are happy to work with: - MOBILE NETWORK OPERATORS (Europe) - DEVICE MANUFACTURERS (Body Care, Household, Industrial, Measurement, IoT) - AUTOMOBILE SUPPLIERS (Infotainment and Communication Components) Software Engineering and Testing Services: - Firmware and Driver Development - Prototyping, Embedded Systems - Cloud Integration - Test Automation - Establishment of Test Environments
  • Timothee Vidal

    IFA Networker of Alchimie
    Chief Entertainment and Distribution Officer
    OEM searching for enriching their user experience, device usage and ARPU Video content proposed throught thematic bundles