• Bluetooth Headphones Pure Passion

    Bluetooth headset for clear sound and good conversations The name says it all: Pure Passion Pure Passion - the name of Hama’s new Bluetooth in-ear headset says it all. Its elegant, understated metal housing contains two speakers on each side to deliver full-bodied sound. It can be used for phone calls via smartphone, and is also comfortable to wear. The dual-speaker technology and digital sound processing deliver both clear treble tones and powerful bass. And if you absolutely must inte…
  • USB-C Adapter for 3.5 mm Audio Jack

    Headphones with jack to smartphone with USB-C A small adapter is the solution Once you have finally found the right headphones – not only with regard to sound, but also with regard to fit and comfort – you don’t want to give them up. So it’s annoying if your smartphone or notebook has only a USB-C port, but your headphones have a jack plug. The accessories manufacturer Hama has a practical solution for this scenario: a small USB-C to headphone jack adapter, the 135747. All you have to do is …
  • Waterproof “Soundcup-D” Bluetooth speaker

    For a watertight performance Wireless music enjoyment. Send your playlist via Bluetooth to a speaker from a smartphone, tablet or notebook and unleash your inner DJ. Whether you are at the beach, hiking on a rainy autumn day or sledging on the slopes, the fun never stops thanks to the new “Soundcup-D” fully waterproof 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker from Hama, ready to make its debut at the IFA trade show. Thanks to the “true wireless stereo” function, the sound can be divided between two individua…