• 300 CF Chest Freezer

    EEC;  A++
  • 3D Smart LED TV with Dual View Feature

    Dual View Display is a 3D based technology where two video sources are displayed on one screen at the same time. The sound coming from one of the currently being watched sources will be provided via the speakers of the TV. The audio of the other source will be provided via headphone output. Wireless headphone equipment can be purchased separately from VESTEL retailers which are specially designed for VESTEL TV sets for comfortable use. To benefit this feature, special 3D glasses are needed,…
  • Android OPS Monitor

    Vestel Android Signage Monitor, an innovative model that integrates an Android operating system into its digital signage monitor. Offering a wireless connection, this special product supports LAN, Wi-Fi and 3G, allowing operators and system integrators access to multiple Android signage applications. The model also provides unrivalled viewing standards for all media, coming equipped with an integrated 3D graphics engine and LED technology. Available in 32”, 40”, 50” and 65” screen versions, the …
  • Asel Madeni Esya San Ve Tic AS

    Asel has over 40 years experience of leading the small electrical household appliances manufacturing in Turkey. We dedicate ourselves to meeting the tailored needs of millions of our customers all around the world. Our in house developed technologies for industrial and mechanical design, software development and production planning frame up the excellent quality of our 2 millions of products per year. A total of 80 % of exports out of sales is the reward of our precise customer relationship mana…

    Business Unit Manager, Director, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
  • Chest Freezer CS 3320 A++

    Standard Features A++ Energy Efficiency Class Capacity (Gross/Net): 305 lt / 295 lt Refrigerant Gas: R600a Mechanic Thermostat Control Dual Mode (Fridge or Freezer) Chiller Mode Divider Water Drain System Wire Basket Food Divider Scraper LED Door Light Net Dimensions (WxDxH): 1041 x 742 x 840 mm
  • Contact Grill & Waffle Maker

    Asel Sandwich Maker & Contact Grill is your indispensable assistant in the kitchen. Use as a large griddle with 180^ horizontal placement of the cover. Prepare flawless pancakes, eggs, waffles and breakfast meats. In this position it is perfect for the grilling cheese, hot dogs, steak, burgers, fish, chicken and vegetables. Facility to make 6 sandwiches at a time Adjustable temperature control High quality stainless steel heating elements Specially designed cooking surface enables homogenous …
  • Curved TV

    Amazing viewing experience will arise with stunning pictures and extremely powerful sound provided by Vestel Curved LED TV. Vestel Curved LED TV offers lively sounds and pictures by relying on wider viewing angle and surrounding design to meet your lifelike experience expectations from a TV. Curved screen will pull you right into the scene by encircling you with its outstanding nature. Wider angle option offers you a perfect sense of image depth by improving your field of watching. This way…
  • Deluxe Hotel TV

    Headlining the showcase will be the new Vestel Deluxe Hotel TV, an innovative and efficient new product that has been especially designed to adapt to the changing needs of hoteliers and their guests. Providing unrivalled efficiency, this money-saving TV solution is extremely maintenance, providing hassle-free installation via USB cloning. Requiring virtual management, this model saves hoteliers the trouble of entering each and every hotel room, even offering the add-on options of anti-theft feat…
  • Dishwasher with Water Box and Auto Door Technologies

    Water Box is based on getting the last clean cycle rinse water, filtering it to avoid any particles and saving it in an isolated box. Then it can be used as the prewash cycle cleaning water for the next cycle. Auto Door is a technology that makes the drying process more efficient. Auto Door opens the door of the dishwasher during the drying process automcatically and by this way the hot air goes out of the dishwasher by itself and so the energy needed to dry the dishes is reduced significantly…
  • Ali Dogruyol

    IFA Networker of iDook Technologic Products
    We are looking for retails and distributors in many regions especially for Muicho Bluetooth Speakers. iDook creates affordable, well-designed compact mobile products and solutions that make daily life easier, better and more fun! Most well known product serie is Muicho. Despite our short history we are consistently running to be a leading global player in specialized mobile products, bluetooth speakers, earpods, earplugs, headphones, powerbanks…
  • EAS 8000 OD G5M 3X Built-in