• Dishwasher with Water Box and Auto Door Technologies

    Water Box is based on getting the last clean cycle rinse water, filtering it to avoid any particles and saving it in an isolated box. Then it can be used as the prewash cycle cleaning water for the next cycle. Auto Door is a technology that makes the drying process more efficient. Auto Door opens the door of the dishwasher during the drying process automcatically and by this way the hot air goes out of the dishwasher by itself and so the energy needed to dry the dishes is reduced significantly…
  • Ready Cook Built In Oven

    Ready Cook is a new TFT interface with click type knob control for built in ovens. We're very pleased to bring the color and clarity of TFT displays to a broader range of major home appliances with Vestel’s Ready Cook, along with other advanced features previously available only in more high-end oven models. Ready Cook is designed to help users cook professional recipes easily with auto cooking functions, also allowing the users to implement their own recipes with manual cooking fu…
  • Washing Machine with Pyrojet Technology

    Pyrojet technology is the revolutinary unique feature of Vestel washing machines which enables higher water temperature in a shorter time by heating the water during the circulation process. A+++ -70% energy rating for 8kg can be achieved by this technology.