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  • Taiwan Excellence

    • IFA 2019
    • Hall 25 263
    • Hall 25 415
    Taiwan Excellence is an award presented to innovative and high-quality Taiwanese products by the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs. Nominee selection is based on the criteria of research and development, quality, design and marketing. The awarded products represent Taiwan on the international stage, serving to strengthen consumer confidence in Taiwanese products. Since its inception in 1992, the Taiwan Excellence icon has become a prestigious accolade for Taiwanese companies striving to ach…
  • Yi Tzu (Peggy) Tan

    IFA Networker of Guan Shin Inc.
    Business Unit Manager
    International Purchaser who is looking for an OEM/ODM manufactur Guan Shin Inc., also as known as SEMCO, was established in 1972. We offer OEM & ODM design and production of electric appliances. Our R&D team includes experts in structural design, motor development, hot-plastic injection and mold making. With fully integrated production plants in Taiwan and Shenzhen, we can satisfy all kinds of order inquiries. Our current products range from chopper, juice extractor, blender, food processor, to…
  • Sales coordinator Nick Van De Vossenberg

    IFA Networker
    Sales coordinator
    Business Unit Manager
    To expand Our sales fields, we are always open for a longterm partner and avery county within or outside of Europe. The brand 'Bestron' is ready to be a known as a quality mark in your country and will accept Evert challange to make Our partnership work. Just try to challange us and we'll surprise you with Our More Than complete range of Household appliances. Bestron offers you strong, powerful and good quality household appliances. The latest technology combineren with trendy designs. Prod…