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  • Sales Director Levent Ergene

    IFA Networker of Simfer
  • Simfer Ic ve Dis Tic. A.S.

    • IFA 2019
    • Hall 9 213
    Simfer started its business with manufacturing Turkey’s first integrated solid fuel stoves in 1977. This was followed in 1997 by the production of cookers. Primary focus is on home appliance products where Simfer can provide a comprehensive range of products with its innovative know-how and extensive experience in the field. Simfer has made substantial investments in plant and equipment, research and development, and in developing its own patented products. Simfer has a competitive technology-or…
  • Sales coordinator Nick Van De Vossenberg

    IFA Networker
    Sales coordinator
    Business Unit Manager
    To expand Our sales fields, we are always open for a longterm partner and avery county within or outside of Europe. The brand 'Bestron' is ready to be a known as a quality mark in your country and will accept Evert challange to make Our partnership work. Just try to challange us and we'll surprise you with Our More Than complete range of Household appliances. Bestron offers you strong, powerful and good quality household appliances. The latest technology combineren with trendy designs. Prod…