• Michael Abend

    Contact person of EuroCom GmbH
    Chief Communication Officer
    Marketing and Communication
    IFA 2019
  • EuroCom GmbH

    IFA 2019
    EuroCom GmbH is part of an international group of companies headquartered in Germany. The shareholders of EuroCom GmbH have been specializing in direct sales and the production of high-quality household and technical products for more than 25 years. Highest product quality, serious and competent appearance, as well as an excellent service, complete our profile.
  • Nick Van De Vossenberg

    IFA Networker of Bestron Nederland B.V.
    Key Account Manager NL
  • Libor Zajicek

    IFA Networker of RRD
    Business Development Manager EMEA
    Business Unit Manager, Senior Project Manager, Sales
    We will help optimize the supply chain RRD provides and optimizes supply chains to clients who need to reach the next stage of expansion or want to find hidden profits. We are looking for a client, who need to simplify and speed up the product's journey to the market. They want to keep the entire chain under control, save costs, increase cash flow and continue to innovate their product. They want to rely on a single partner to take over all processes and service, increase added value, do n…