• Libor Zajicek

    IFA Networker of RRD
    Business Development Manager EMEA
    Business Unit Manager, Senior Project Manager, Sales
  • Principal Oliver Ebert

    IFA Networker of FOCUS Online, CHIP, BurdaForward
    We try to develop with a technical partner a disruptiv and brandnew experience for consuming news and information. We search for companies that are open and like to do some experiments with us. Especially AI, and robotic is a very interesitng field for uns. We are germanys biggest news-portal. We have enough power to reach almost every german citizen.
  • Meelis Paloson

    IFA Networker of netRivals S.L.
    eCommerce Pricing Specialist
    Business Unit Manager
  • Noriko Matsuoka

    IFA Networker of BBC - Technology Strategy and Architecture
    Lead Strategist - Emerging Experiences, Product : Technology Strategy and Architecture
    Currently focussed on maturing voice and AI and modality software especially voice prediction, innovation and development in Automatic Speech Recognition and NLP/NLU - to include mature, impaired and children's. Advances in chat bots and proximity software, next gen audio experiences for mobile devices. Market insights and audience behaviours as well as technology challenges are of interest to the above. This is a discovery project. I am keen to hear from innovators and disruptors and starts u…
  • Dr. Carlos TAPIA

    IFA Networker of REPLASA
  • Fabio Tonini

    IFA Networker of Thinkplace srl
    IT Manager & CEO
    IOT, robotics, healthcare, lifestyle, audio, computer, ICT, AR, IA, business development consultancy and business partnership
  • Charly Lippoth

    IFA Networker
    Director Business Development
    exFAT, NTFS, APFS, file system drivers, USB, SD-card, STB, IVI, CPE, TV USB and SD Card incompatibility is a common pain point in user forums. We develop embedded drivers, so that consumers can connect their existing USB storage and it will simply work. Our high performance file system drivers (NTFS, exFAT, APFS) and storage management SDKs are in series production with leading OEMs, enabling consumers to attach any HDD or USB stick for playback & recording to devices such as STB, routers, auto…
  • Claudiu Campean

    IFA Networker of PITECH PLUS
    Business Development Manager
    Near shoring partnerships in urban mobility, e-commerce and more Tech experts with industry specific knowledge at best costs
  • Cyrielle Disseldorf

    IFA Networker of EUSP
    Coordination and Tour Manager @EUSP
    Looking for potential partners. Looking for startups in Mobility / transport sectore who want to apply. Make Europe the new playground for startups active in the mobility sector, which means help them grow and expand and introduce them to VC's and European ecosystem during our tours to several main tech events through Europe.
  • Aleksandar Stojanovic

    IFA Networker of AVA / BLOCKpeek GmbH
    Executive Chairman, Co-Founder
  • Andreas Muchow

    IFA Networker of App-Sec-Network UG
    App-Sec-Network UG
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    We are looking for strategic cooperation / licensees / investors and are interested in a personal exchange. In addition to our existing emergency call systems, we offer a granted European patent that can be used for a unique position especially in the areas mentioned above.
  • Dr. Panayiotis PHILIMIS

    IFA Networker of CYRIC
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    Looking for - high tech products - investors in Startups and incubators Licensing of high tech products in wearables, robotics, healthtech, SmartHome, renewable energy Investment portfolio in high tech startups