• Hanspeter Jaeger

    IFA Networker of SWISSCAVE AG
    Managing Director
    Components / Technologies for Wine Cooling Chambers and Cigar Humdiors Wine Cooling Chambers (Wine Coolers), Cigar Humidors
  • senior manager Yang Morgan

    IFA Networker of TFPH Printed Heater
    senior manager
    Business Unit Manager, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
  • Ningbo Greenis Home Appliance Co.,Ltd

    IFA 2019
    GREENIS is an expert for smart kitchen appliances. Based on an interactive platform of systematic smart recipes, GREENIS introduces the intelligent microchip to kitchen appliances and develops a smart APP compatible to the whole range of GREENIS smart products. GREENIS has a widespread sales network covering 47 countries and regions, such as USA, Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc. The products include smart power blenders, air…