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Campus Fichtenhain 48
47807 Krefeld
North Rhine-Westphalia

IFA 2019

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Product description

Press Release

the Precision Brewer from Sage for all your barista-style filter coffee and cold brew needs

Krefeld, September 2019. As Sage’s first-ever filter coffee machine, the Precision Brewer is available with your choice of glass or thermal jug. The Australian manufacturer of innovative kitchen appliances has already made a name for itself within the portafilter espresso machine segment and is now looking to broaden its coffee portfolio. The Precision Brewer doesn’t fail to impress thanks to its precision heating function, Claro Swiss filter, dual filter and option to prepare six different coffee drinks. The machine will be on sale in Germany and Austria from September 2019.

On trend: filter coffee and cold brew
Filter coffee has come to be the ultimate trendy drink in recent years. Baristas use their finely tuned instinct and skill to serve aromatic filter coffee crafted to perfection. Cold brew and iced coffee are popular alternatives – especially during the summer months. The Sage Precision Brewer is the first 1.8-litre filter coffee machine that can be used to prepare these barista-quality drinks automatically at home.

Perfect settings for full-on flavour
Gold Cup, Strong Brew, Iced Coffee, Cold Brew, My Cup and Fast Brew are the six drinks you can make using the Sage Precision Brewer:
  • The Gold Cup brewing process adjusts the water temperature and flow rate automatically in line with the standards set out by the Speciality Coffee Association.
  • A coffee with a stronger aroma can be made with the Strong Brew function.
  • The Iced Coffee option boosts the flow rate for a stronger infusion that won’t taste watery when served over ice.
  • Ground coffee is in contact with water for up to 16 hours for Cold Brew preparation.
  • Coffee aficionados can save their own custom creations using the My Cup setting. You can select parameters including the bloom time, brewing temperature and flow speed in line with your own preferences.
  • If you’re short on time, the Fast Brew function can deliver 1.8 litres of coffee in less than 7 minutes.

Cutting-edge technology: steep & release brewing valve
Sage’s precision heating function with PID control and the automatic drip stop ensure that water and coffee are combined for exactly the right amount of time. The steep & release brewing valve (patent pending) is Sage’s way of making sure that the water remains in contact with the coffee when small amounts of coffee are being brewed with the jug not in use. The Claro Swiss filter is unique to a filter machine, preparing the water to create a perfectly brewed drink that boasts balanced flavours whilst preventing the build-up of limescale in the machine.

The flavour of being filtered by hand
Cone and basket filters as well as the optional pour-over adapter give you the flexibility to determine the flavour and aroma to suit your preferences. This is sure to impress even the most discerning of coffee lovers.

You can download this press release and high-resolution pictures under

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