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Campus Fichtenhain 48
47807 Krefeld
North Rhine-Westphalia

IFA 2019

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Product description

Press Release

the Tea Maker from Sage Appliances: the perfect cup of tea in three simple steps

Krefeld, September 2019. The art of making a good cup of tea comes down to the right temperature and the right amount of brewing time. Whether you like your tea to be green, white, Oolong, herbal or Earl Grey, you’ll have to adjust the way you make your cuppa accordingly to get the flavour and aroma spot on. The Tea Maker from Sage Appliances takes care of that for you, as it is programmed with the exact temperature and brewing time for the most common types of tea. For something a little more special you can add your own settings.

What sets the Sage Tea Maker apart is the tea basket that is lifted and lowered automatically. The stainless-steel basket sinks silently into the water as soon as the water has hit the optimum temperature. Once the brewing time is over, it is lifted back out of the water. It only takes three simple steps to create a divine cup of tea: fill the basket, insert the basket, press the start button – then enjoy the brew.

Tea connoisseurs can perfect their drink thanks to the 15 pre-programmed settings, user-defined functions and option to manually adjust the temperature and brewing time. You can also set the strength as mild, medium or strong. The automatic lifting and lowering function of the tea basket can be switched on optionally on while the tea is brewing. This motion allows the water to circulate freely around the tea leaves for maximum infusion.

The Tea Maker comes with a timer to start it in advance. With this auto start function your ultimate cup of tea is ready to enjoy with breakfast or during your afternoon break. The ‘Keep Warm’ button keeps the tea at the perfect temperature for up to 60 minutes.

The Tea Maker at a glance:
  • Stainless-steel tea basket with auto lower and raise
  • Accurate temperature sensor controls heating and monitors progress with a real-time temperature display
  • Six pre-programmed settings for different types of tea: Green, Black, White, Herbal, Oolong and Custom
  • Four pre-programmed settings for the strength of your tea: Strong, Medium, Mild and Custom
  • LCD timer monitors the brewing time and freshness of the brewed tea
  • Kettle function with variable temperature
  • Auto start time function
  • 60-minute ‘Keep Warm’ function
  • 1.5-litre glass jug and tea scoop
  • Stainless-steel base with cord storage and 360° power base for glass jug

You can download this press release and high-resolution pictures under

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